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Cara Hati Menjadi Tenang

Cara Hati Menjadi Tenang

Islam provides solution to the pressures of life was that the soul becomes calm. There was no term stress or upset for a believer. The issue of Islam has provided solutions to face the pressures of life. Here are the steps that must be done to get peace of mind:

1. Reading and listening to the holy book of the Qur'an:
One time someone came to Ibn Mas'ud, one of the prominent companions of the Prophet. He complained, "O Ibn Mas'ud, encourage me and give ubat for this restless soul. My days are filled with a feeling of peace, restless soul, and fikiranku tangled. Then do not eat, sleep was not flax, "the person said.

Ibn Mas'ud said, "If it is a disease that happens to you, then take heart to visit three places:

First, where people read the Koran. thou read the Koran or you listen carefully people who read it.

Secondly, you go to the majlis science that reminds your heart to God.

Thirdly, you find the time and the solitary place, and there you seclusion devoted to God.

advice of the Prophet's companions immediately implemented the person. Till alone at home, he made ​​ablution, then immediately took the Koran and read with solemn. Done reading, he soon gained peace dapati heart, and her soul was calm. refreshed his mind, his life feels sexy again. fact, he was only carrying out one of three counsel who submitted the Prophet companions.

2. Caring poor:
The Messenger of Allah commanded the Muslims who have excess possessions to give attention to the poor. Apparently, the generous attitude may bring peace of mind. Why? In a hadith explained that the Angels always pray for those generous:

Messenger of Allah said which means: "Every morning two Angels always accompany each person. One of them say the prayer: 'O Allah! Give a reply to those who give charity. And the second angel was praying: 'O Allah! Give to those who were stingy destruction. "

From the hadith can be concluded that the generous people who get two replies. Firstly, he gets a reward for what he gave to others. Secondly, get an abundance of peace of mind and mercy of Allah

3. Seeing people below, please refer to the above:
Peace of soul would be obtained if we are always grateful for any gift of God Almighty, though seems a bit. gratitude it will appear when we always see people lower level of our life, both in terms of wealth, kesihatan stage, such a face, work and education. How crowded in this world who are less lucky. gratitude that in addition to bringing peace of mind, also will get a reward from Allah

intended the Prophet said that:
"Who ungrateful to giving a little, he would not be grateful to the many gifts. Who does not appreciate humans, bererti he also did not give thanks to Allah. Speak the favor of God is a sign of gratitude, and to ignore it is kufr. Congregation was blessed, broken to pieces while it invites doom. "
(Hadith Reported by Ahmad in Musnad Ahmad)

4. Keeping nexus friendship:
Human beings are creatures of God that human beings need nexus, to help them help others. Various purposes can not be obtained through life without help from others. thus, in the Holy Prophet was ordered to remain in a relationship of friendship, even to people who do hostility.

Holy Prophet has also said that the relationship can cheapen the longevity and sustenance. relationships both within the family, as well as with neighboring neighbors will bring tranquility, peace and intimacy. relationship whether it will also complete various Problems of faced by the community.
Messenger of Allah said that intends, "Whoever guarantees me a case, I assure him of four cases. Let him bersilaturahim (interweave relationships) nescaya his family will love him, extended her sustenance, plus age and Allah enter into Heaven. "(Hadith History Ar-Rabii)

5. Much utter the sentence "He hawla quwwata wa la illa billah." and remembrance of God.
Sources peace of mind is essential is bersumberkan of Allah Thus let us always connect the heart with Allah in all circumstances, both in the state and for worse. Banyakkanlah remembrance and read the sentence-the sentence of God. Transportation strong with God swt will make one's soul to be strong, not easy to be contested by Anybody else, if the remembrance of Allah was always careful laknatullah the devil will not be able to affect our hearts and minds.

6. Telling the truth though it is bitter to be heard:
Life is to be maintained in order to always be in over the path of truth. truth must diperjuangan. Violation of truth will bring anxiety. Peace of mind will be nurtured if we do not violate the true values. Conversely, violation of the truth will affect the peace of the soul. Just look at the people often commit adultery, anxiety affected his life.

7. Criticism was always tolerant towards other people as long as we do you indulge truly God:
One of the factors that make a person's soul is uneasy because they always take care of others criticism against him. While a person will have a strong stance if adhering to the principles that come from God Almighty namely Islam as a way of life. Had we follow what is applicable in today's world, ketenagan It will disturb our souls.

8. Not begging to others:
"Hands up (give) more noble than the undersigned" is the Holy Prophet that motivate every believer to live self-sufficient. Not dependent and begging to others, his deep soul will be stronger and more courageous attitude in the face of life. Conversely, people who are always begging describe weak soul. This makes the uneasy soul.

9. Keep away from debt:
In a hadith the Prophet explicitly said that intends: "You shall not make yourself feel fear after security!"
(The Companions) asked: "What should happen like that!"
his saying: "his deep debt."

That's the reality . Persons who owe will always uncertain and worried, because they he will be visited by people who owed ​​him. This is one factor that makes a lot of people experiencing mental stress. Messenger of Allah also said in his Hadith that mean: "You shall stay away from debts, debt because they it becomes the burden of the mind at night and low self-esteem in the daytime. "

10. Always positive minded:
Why would someone easily stressed and restless soul? One factor because they were thinking it was always negative. Always self-deprecating and regretting deficiency. In fact, each of us is given by Allah swt various advantages. Turn negative thoughts into positive. Change the feeling of grief that make the face wrinkled, frail body and was disappointed with the encouraging remarks. Speech mengembira will make us easy smile, the soul becomes more excited. Is not behind the difficulties and failures there might be a lesson lessons? And is not disebalik hardship there is ease?

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